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Used/Recycled Pallets Edmonton

City Pallet Recycle Pros (Edmonton) is an Edmonton-based company that provides wooden pallet recycling services. We collect used pallets from our clients and customers and process the pallets for reuse. We can quickly address your pallet problem and hopefully fulfill all your pallet needs. 


We are a trusted used pallet collector/recycler in Edmonton. Our access to resources allows us to address your problem with ease and extend quick responses to your demands. These resources add value to your recycle pallet requirements.

Our Recycling Pallet Products

Being pallet recyclers, we handle many pallets a year. We stick to a rigorous quality management system to make sure that our customers are receiving consistency in their pallet specifications. You can either ask for regular-sized recycled pallets or customized pallets


We have a selection of recycling pallets available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Key Features Of Used Pallets

Remanufactured pallets are not just good for the environment but also good for business. You will not only save money, but with your efforts, you will reduce waste. Purchasing recycled pallets will help you to maintain your mantle as a green business apart from cost savings, there are other benefits of recycled pallets. Below we have mentioned the top3 reasons why your business should stretch out and encourage the use of recycled pallets, particularly when pallets are reaching the end of their usable life cycle. 

  • It reduces landfill

  • It lowers your business's carbon footprint

  • Recycled pallet timber can be used around the home

In case if you are searching for great pallet recycling near you, then you are very close to City Pallet Recycle Pros (Edmonton). Please contact us and we will arrange to have your unwanted pallets picked up and have them recycled., and by doing so, we prevent them from entering the landfill and eventually.

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