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Custom Wood Pallets

At City Pallet Recycle Pros (Edmonton), we can supply custom wood pallets to residential/commercial/industrial establishments across Edmonton. Our motto is to fulfil the needs and demands of our customers with the highest degree of satisfaction possible. 


We offer competitive pricing and work hard to develop trust between the customer and ourselves regardless if your requirement is for a small-scale business or as a large wholesale distributor, we will “get it done for you.”


Not only are we suppliers of recycled pallets, carrying a wide range of pallet sizes, but City Pallet Pros also offer a range of services including custom pallets, pallet retrieval, and pallets sales. 

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Why Choose Custom Pallets?

There are a few potential reasons why you should choose custom pallets. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Properly fit the size of warehouse shelving you have and a regular-sized pallet may be too long.

  • Properly fit into the back of your distribution trucks

  • Carry a heavier load than a normal pallet will carry

  • You just need a small 24x40 pallet and don't want to waste a regular-size pallet

  • The product you want to ship is longer than a normal pallet will carry (ie snowmobile)


Please give us a call and let's discuss what your requirements are and try to quickly find the right pallet solution for you.

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